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Project Description

Lightweight tool written in C# .NET. The program to give you presenter view for all application you present.

Have you ever wanted to open a website on a projector for your audience and you wanted to extend your desktop instead of duplicating it to still have your notes open?

If you duplicate your desktop, you'll have your audience staring at every thing you do, and you won't be able to have notes open to give your presentation. If you extend your desktop, you can see your notes but you won't be able to see the screen you're demoing.

Programs like PowerPoint solve this problem by giving you a presenter view. Where the secondary screen shows your slideshow and your primary screen showing a preview of that and your notes. But what if you're presenting an application or a website? Or even if you have your presentation in online presentation sites like Prezi?

Side Mirror solves that by allowing you to extend your desktop, while having whatever you want open on your primary screen. Side Mirror gives you the presenter view of the secondary screen as a preview window.

In comparison to PowerPoint presenter view

Demonstrating a web site while reading notes

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